How to build a CCIE rack with GNS3 / dynamips — Part 5b, the remote power switch RE-DESIGNED

Hi followers!

This weekend I spend one long night at reassembling and recabling the remote power switch into a 19″ case, so that it is not a mess any longer.

First: Feel free to comment or maybe you have some engineering hints for me.

And here it is:

Take an old hub for the case. In the case there is very little space for all the parts!

Then we have to take out C836 and undress it :).

I had to drill down the unused RAM bank, because the power outlets for the devices you will see later would collide with it and nothing fits.

The ground plate from the C836 I will use for isolation…the router is mounted on that plate which is good, but problem here is that the ground plate is too big. So I will use some tools to cut it a little smaller.

The metal plate I removed it of course!

Here is the SMC router for bringing up the link. The red/white cable is the connection to the opto-coupler where the link led has been.

Then we have to check out the power supplys…this is the onefor the C836 generating 18V DC (below):

Power supply (12V DC) for low current and mid current relais (below):

Thats kind of the way it should look like.

I removed the power switch from the C836 and cabled it directly to the power supply.

Here it is gone!

I cut out the holes for the 230V plugs. In sum there will be 6 outputs and 1 input.

That way it sould look like (the plugs arent fixed right now)

Here I mounted the plastic plate of the C836 as a ground plate into the case. I fixed it with screws and then isolated the screws with hot glue so that the heads of the screws dont come into contact with the circuit board of the C836.

Slim fit 🙂 !

Some more impressions, below and above.

Some recabling:

Here it is almost completely mounted!

And finally it is mounted and most important…WORKING :).

Have fun with it!



About markus.wirth

Living near Limburg in Germany, working as a Network Engineer around Frankfurt am Main.
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4 Responses to How to build a CCIE rack with GNS3 / dynamips — Part 5b, the remote power switch RE-DESIGNED

  1. Stefan says:

    Wow!! Jetzt noch eine Profi-Front davor mit Logo …

  2. Aston says:

    Hi, My name is Aston. I am impress of what are have done on this website and you inspired me to pursue on my CCIE career. I started to set up my hybrid lab by following your blogs. I am running Ubuntu and 3 nic cards. Two nics are dlink 570 and one is Adaptex. The Ubuntu recogizes the NICs. However, I am having trouble connect the GNS3 to my switches. I am not able to get the cloud in GNS3 to map to the ports on the NICs. I have researched on the net for a period of time but I could not get the answer. could you provide some quidances?

    • markus.wirth says:

      Thanks for your nice comment! Which ethernet type did you ise? Linux or generic nic? There should be a dropdown menu where you can do this. Try choosing generic!
      Tell me if it workes or not!

  3. ccie99999 says:

    Markus, this remote power mgmt solution is awesome!! same your lab! congrats!

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