misc: new iphone 5 – new food from old dishes

Just watched Apple´s new keynote and I dont know…in my eyes somehow Apple has lost its magic. I mean especially the new iPhone. In my eyes…absolutely nothing interesting new. Here is what they announced with the new phone.

The beginning
– In the beginning of the iPhone presentation the Apple presenter says “…it should be easy to send emails, write messages…” … “…thats the way how we designed it!”. Helloooo????? Thats nothing new, thats already what Apple did with the first iPhone.

New hi-speed mobile Internet
– Wooooow LTE..BIG NEW FEATURE…of course…because Apple missed the right time and now has to get into the race to compete Samsung and others. So LTE in my eyes is not a new invention like it is presented, but rather a technological update that is overdue. They already missed it with the iPad 3 in Germany where the Chip is not capable of the frequencies. Does apple dont test that?!?

New Display
– Ok the display is a retina display which already exists now since the iPhone 4. So only thing new is the upgrade to the bigger 4 inch screen and somehow the display shall be more truecolor like with more saturation. Also…nothing new except the social engineering method “bigger and with that its better”.

More Power
– Phone has a faster chip, faster graphics and so on. They promise 8h of phone calling with 3G enabled…guys…what about a business edition of the iPhone or so? you cannot go out of your home or drive in your car without a battery charger. Even if you are not doing anything. Why dont you enhance the power of the battery as you always do and enhance the uptime of such a phone, not the power?

Well all in all I think the presentation of the new iPhone wasn that cool as the presentations that have been made in the past. The presenter has a monotone voice and does not express that much enthusiasm.

All those critics are my own opinion.



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Living near Limburg in Germany, working as a Network Engineer around Frankfurt am Main.
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4 Responses to misc: new iphone 5 – new food from old dishes

  1. alex says:

    I agree on the iPhone 5 (or 4SS ;)) Somehow disappointing, even though I’m an Android user (but competition is good for business).

    We saw all the “new” features already on other phones. The battery is quite bad compared to others. LTE will only work with T-Mobile in Germany (not Vodafone, not o2). No NFC. No wireless charging. IOS 6 still looks like IOS 3 (kind of Windows 95 vs Windows 8). 28 Megapixel panorama – did you realize its like 4 pictures panorama ONLY, thats no real panorama!

    On the good part: the design is still ok, even though I prefer the glass back and even more the 3GS design with rounded corners.

    Worst part: All iPhone users are stuck for another 12 months with this slightly updated version of the iPhone 4.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I do not know what all people are talking about…what did you expect? All this bullshit talkin…iPhone 5 is as great as a jump as from 4 to 4S. More CPU, more graphics power etc…And Apple does not make products only for their existing customers but also for new ones. There is nothing better in the market as the iPhone 5 so new Users will love that beast…

  3. markus.wirth says:

    Yes that is right! But for the consisting users its really disappointing in my eyes. Worst thing I discovered today is the connector of the iphone. WTF??? I mean….EVERY device (except the laptops) has the standard iphone connector. Why do they create a new smaller one? Think about all the devices the people have already bought…docking stations, cables, wall mounts, car mounting kits. They all need to go for a new one…SICK!!! Okay there is an adapter….haha the adapter is abount 1cm large. But when you put your iphone into an existing dock with that adapter I think it will fall down the table or the connector breaks.

  4. Jimmy says:

    If you think about it a little more you should also get the idea why they changed the connector…it is smaller and they want to make their phones smaller, lighter and faster…so what? If someone buys an iPhone and lots of 3rd party stuff then they paid for that stuff for their ‘old’ phone. That is certainly not Apples problem 😉 I think they are doing the right thing. The connector has existed long enough, time for some new stuff…

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