installation and configuration of cisco secure acs 5.3 (vmware) – part 6

Hi again!
I got reminded that I obviously forgot to write part 6 of the Secure ACS implementation…well thats correct. Just forgot it :). But here it is!

So what we now have is two standalone Secure ACS 5.3. Each one has been isntalled the way you learned in the earlier parts. What we now are going to do is to attach the second machine to the primary machine, so that both of them do a full replication and build a cluster.
Cluster here means that a TACACS or RADIUS client can ask both machines equally…the primary or the secondary machine. Each machine will give the same answer.

First step here is that we can see the second machine with its state “primary”. This is usual because we haven´t done any cluster configuration yet.

On that machine (the second one) ee need to go to the “System Administration” menu to enter the “Deployment Operations” menu. There you enter the credentials (user/pass of the WebLogin, not the SSH/telnet login) and the ip address of the machine you want the secondary to be the backup from.

On the console you can also verify the “SECONDARY” state.

Then on the primary machine you can see that a new secondary has registered and is going top perform a replication. When replicating the database the backup machine is in the “PENDING” state.

Once the replication process is completet you should see the state “UPDATED”

The WebGui now shows also that our new machine has become the “SECONDARY”.

From now on every change we are doing on the “PRIMARY” machine is automatically replicated instantly to the “SECONDARY”.
So have fun with your redundant Secure ACS :).

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2 Responses to installation and configuration of cisco secure acs 5.3 (vmware) – part 6

  1. FERKUXON says:

    Amazing… thanks a lot for sharing..
    Great BLOG!

  2. Dagg0 says:

    Quick, simple, and very informative!
    Thank you!

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