installation and configuration of cisco secure acs 5.3 (vmware) – part 4

Hi again!
4th part of the Secure ACS configuration part is now the access to the WebGUI and the upload of a license file.

After installing the Secure ACS server we can now connect to the WebGUI via https at tcp port 443.

You wont have access if you use the user/pass credentials from part 2. The WebGUI works with a default user/pass combination.

USER: acsadmin
PASS: default

Once you login for the first time you are forced to change the password.

After changing the password the system forces you to upload a licencse key. Here you have two options:

1) You already have license key from your key account manager – then just upload it.

2) You dont have a license key and want to run the 90-day trial – then here we go…

You need to go to and then navigate to “GET NEW”. The rest of that process you can see at the pictures below.

Follow the instructions on the screen to download the license file or let the system send it to you via email.

Once you uploaded that license key into the ACS you get access to the WebGUI and can start configuring ACS.

Feel free to comment!


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Living near Limburg in Germany, working as a Network Engineer around Frankfurt am Main.
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9 Responses to installation and configuration of cisco secure acs 5.3 (vmware) – part 4

  1. Diego says:

    Gracias…. Thanks… 🙂

  2. jhon says:

    Hello my name is John from Lima Peru salute you, please if you could spend some material handling acs 5.3 or the software itself that I can not download from my account on cisco, I want to test.
    very grateful in advance.


  3. markus.wirth says:

    Hi John.
    I dont think that this is possible because I also gotta stick to the law and distributing software that can only be downloaded with a registered cco account is not free for all. I would propose you to get a CCO account with the administrative rights that are needed and then download the test version.

  4. Jhon says:

    Hi Markus.

    could you give me examples of authentication, authorization and accounting either switch, router or ASA, whether administrative mode or network mode. I would appreciate a lot, thanks again for your support.


  5. Jhon says:

    Thanks Markus!!! I will be waiting.


  6. Mudassir says:

    Hey Markus,
    Do you have the evaluation license copy for ACS 5.3. Cisco seems to have taken down the option on their website.


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