creating a bootable usb stick to install ubuntu on your dynamips server

Hey everybody.
Today lets generate a bootable USB stick to install ubuntu or any other distribution of linux on a server/pc where you have no DVD drive.

First we need to get a small tool that is called “LiLi USB creator”. A very handy tool to do the thing we want. You can get it at

Once we have downloaded and installed the tool we need the corresponding linux distribution as an ISO file we want to install. In my case I used Ubuntu 11.10 and the file is: ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso 

After downloading the ISO file we need a USB flash drive that has enough space to carry it. Remember that the device gets formatted so if you are using a stick with other data on it, backup your data!

NOTE: disable your anti virus agent or whatever tool that blocks access to the “autorun.inf” in your system as LiLi will not create the image on the flash drive correctly!

Lets now start the tool:

We need to choose the usb stick:

After choosing the flash drive we need to click on “ISO/IMG/ZIP” or the CD drive if we have the distribution on CD and locate the tool towards the image file. The tool then checks the integrity of the image.

When the integrity is okay the traffic light goes green.

Persistence is not needed in our case as we only need the device to boot with and then to install it. We then click on “format stick with Fat32” to delete the complete device. This is in my eyes the best option not to run in errors with rests of data that is kept on the stick.

Then we can hit the lightning button and the tool then asks us if we want to erase the flash drive.

We click ok and the process begins.

If everything was okay we get the message: “Stick was generated!”

You should now be able to boot from the device!

Have fun with this tutorial and feel free to comment!



About markus.wirth

Living near Limburg in Germany, working as a Network Engineer around Frankfurt am Main.
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2 Responses to creating a bootable usb stick to install ubuntu on your dynamips server

  1. alex says:

    Ubuntu is a live disk per default and “unetbootin” is another USB creator, just less “gay” 😉

  2. I had to use a live USB option, specifically because the drive was having issues on the server hardware I chose to install onto. (the case was bent against the drive in a manner that caused it to not want to stay shut, and didn’t want to bother with repairing it … also, USB is a litlte more convenient, to have the entire OS on a thumb drive.)

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