15 Responses to create an automatic login script for multiple devices using securecrt

  1. Alex says:

    I could provide you my awesome labdomain “labdomain.org” for testing (at least some subdomains) 😉

  2. Jens says:

    another way is to make a script, and run it in secureCRT

    # $language = “VBScript”
    # $interface = “1.0”

    Sub Main
    Dim vHosts(20)
    vHosts(0) = “r1,R1 – INE”
    vHosts(1) = “r2,R2 – INE”
    vHosts(2) = “r3,R3 – INE”
    vHosts(3) = “r4,R4 – INE”
    vHosts(4) = “r5,R5 – INE”
    vHosts(5) = “r6,R6 – INE”
    vHosts(6) = “sw1,SSW1 – INE”
    vHosts(7) = “sw2,SSW2 – INE”
    vHosts(8) = “bb1,BB1 – INE”
    vHosts(9) = “bb2,BB2 – INE”
    vHosts(10) = “bb3,BB3 – INE”
    vHosts(11) = “asa1,ASA1 – INE”
    vHosts(12) = “asa2,ASA2 – INE”
    vHosts(13) = “ips,IPS – INE”

    Dim IneTelnetHost
    IneTelnetHost = “racks.ine.com”

    Dim INEUsername, INEPassword
    INEUsername = crt.Dialog.Prompt(“INE – Username”)
    INEPassword = crt.Dialog.Prompt(“INE – Password”)

    ‘crt.Dialog.MessageBox “username : ” & INEUsername & ” password : ” & INEPassword

    For Each strHost In vHosts
    If strHost = “” Then Exit For

    Dim MyNewTab
    Dim myHOSTarray

    myHOSTarray = split(strHost,”,”)

    Set MyNewTab = crt.Session.ConnectInTab(“/telnet ” & IneTelnetHost)
    MyNewTab.Screen.Synchronous = True

    ‘Start LOG
    MyNewTab.Session.LogFileName = “G:\INE-log\%Y%M%D\” & myHOSTarray(0) & “.log”
    MyNewTab.Session.Log True, True

    ‘Set Caption
    MyNewTab.Caption = myHOSTarray(1)

    MyNewTab.Screen.WaitForString “e:”, 5
    MyNewTab.Screen.Send INEUsername & myHOSTarray(0) & vbcr
    MyNewTab.Screen.WaitForString “d:”, 5
    MyNewTab.Screen.Send INEPassword & vbcr

    MyNewTab.Screen.Send vbcr
    MyNewTab.Screen.Send vbcr
    MyNewTab.Screen.Send vbcr
    MyNewTab.Screen.Send vbcr
    MyNewTab.Screen.Send vbcr

    end sub

  3. packetpumper says:

    Hello, do you mind posting the script and step by step instructions in a simple and easy readable format, honestly going thru 6 vids just to make this working is difficult.

  4. packetpumper says:

    Hello markus, Many thanks for taking the time to create these vids. appreciate it.

    The ping option didn’t work for me so here is another option i used for folks the if batch file didn’t work .
    After creating the scripts
    1) Create 11 entires in under sessions in secure CRT like AS, R1, R2 to SW4,
    2) Associate each script to the relevant device, Right click, select properties, (under Login Action)
    3) Then create a folder and drag the 11 connection entries to the folder
    4) Right click the folder, create a shortcut to desktop.

    Now we have a official secure crt shortcut in desktop to login to all device at once 🙂


  5. a says:

    how to create login script for ine labs – on mac based securecrt ?

  6. hi bro i cannot find script in which we can connect with different tabs in one window of SecureCRT
    if u have it plz help me i will thank full u

    Regard Fareed Roshan CCIE R/S

  7. anand says:

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


    Technical details of permanent failure:
    DNS Error: Domain name not found

  8. Hello, the whole thing is going well here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts,
    that’s truly fine, keep up writing.

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